Sim Taxi 2 and 3 Game

Sim Taxi 2 is an advanced version of the Sim Taxi series with advanced and cool graphics with a beautiful yellow car. The City streets and buildings look great in this version. The gameplay is same as that of the previous version, but there’s a new campaign mode included, where there is a goal set, where you need to make a specific amount of money for a day by dropping passengers at the right destinations and earning money from that.

Sim Taxi 3

Sim Taxi 3 is the latest entrants in the taxi game simulation series. With newer version comes new graphics, upgraded and a cool taxi to drive along with beautiful surroundings. The graphics are more real now with the taxi resembling an original NY taxi along with realistic streets and passengers. The Taxi series also has come with other game variations like London, New York and Amsterdam. Try Run 3 Game Online


The gameplay is pretty much easy and can be played using the following keys:

  • Up Arrow – Accelerate
  • Down Arrow – Brake
  • Left Arrow – Turn Left
  • Right Arrow – Turn Right
  • R – Turn Radio On / Off
  • M, N – Turn Music On / Off
  • 1, 2, 3 – Switch Radio Stations


Some of the highlights of series are:

  • Beautiful Simulation based game
  • Enhanced Graphics with cool gameplay

Cactus McCoy 2 Game

As the first version of Cactus McCoy, Cactus McCoy 2 is also designed and developed by Flipline Studios. Same as the first version the characters, artwork, level and game design is made by Tony Solary. The programming, animation, sound are made by Matt Neff. The featuring title music is made by Dave Cowen. Additional music is made by Dan F., Wayne W., Patrick S. and Jeremy S.. The trademark for the name Cactus McCoy is owned by Flipline Studios and they have all the rights about the Cactus McCoy games. The new version was released in 6 October 2011.

New Features

In this second version of the game, there are 12 levels expanded in 12 expansive worlds. In Cactus McCoy 2 there are 15 new weapons and that makes them 75 different types of weapons. Because there are only 12 levels that needs to be completed, there are 5 challenges in 1 level and 5 treasures that needs to be discovered in 1 level. In first version there was only one boss (Hex Hatfield), but in the new version there are three bosses. First boss you will meet on 4th area and he is called Alpaca Jack. The second boss you will meet on 8th Area and he is called Dumbbell. The last boss you will meet at the final area and he is called Malana Mire.

Is there gonna be Cactus McCoy 3?

The answer is No. On interview made 4 years ago, they have said that they have plans to make Cactus McCoy 3 and it would take at least 5-6 months. After a year they have announced that they don’t have time to make new version of the game because they were overloaded with developing new games.

G-Switch Game Online

G-Switch is very simple but awesome one button game that will bring a lot of fun while you are playing with your friends. It’s very simple because the controls for playing is just one button (X) and this control is using to switch the side of your main character from running down to run upside down. This game will bring a lot of skills to you, skills that will increase your patience by waiting the right moment to press the control button “X” to switch the side of your running character.

As you can see before you start the game, G-Switch has an option to choose how many players would play the game. This means that your chosen number will add more characters in the game and they will not be robots, they will be players that will have to play with you on your keyboard (PC,Lap Top or other device). Every player has a different control button. Player 1 will use the button “X” to switch the side of the character and his character is painted white, Player 2 will use the button “A” to switch the side of his character and he is painted with light blue color, Player 3 will use the button “M” to switch the gravity of his character and he is painted with pink color, Player 4 will use the right arrow button “->” to switch the side and his character is painted with yellow color, Player 5 will play the blue painted character and he will use the button “3” to switch the gravity of his character and the last Player 6 will use the secondary “Ctrl” button to switch the side of his red painted character. For now, there is no online multiplayer version of G-Switch.

G-Switch is also popular for Android smart phones and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store by typing in search G-Switch. The game has amazing 3.7 rating from 3100 rates and it has more than 300 000 installs. It has also a very good reviews written by people who played the game telling how awesome the game is. The Android version of G-Switch game don’t have an option for playing the game in multiplayer. You can read more about the game on the owners website (

Car Eats Car Game

Car Eats Car is not yet another ordinary car action game, but based on the rivalry between good and evil, yes good cars and bad cars. The objective of the game is to drive through the distance by overcoming all hardships and tackling all the bad cars that will look for all possible ways to destroy and stop your progress. You need to survive and reach to the end of the game to go to the next level. The Car Eats Car series started off slowly but quickly turned to be a favorite game for all kids who like to rash and dash with other cars and in the even fight all those evil.


All about Car Eats Car

You start the game by driving a small little red car through all the obstacles and zombie cars and find useful items and bonuses along the way like health bonus, turbo bonus, bombs, rubies and cog wheels to strengthen your arsenal to fight the bad and crazy cars. You can also jump over obstacles but if you turn the car upside down, then the game will end and you need to restart the level again. Most of the bad cars try to eat your car, so finding escape routes by using bombs and bonuses is the key for survival.

Car Eats Car 2 Mad Dreams

The next series is the Car Eats Car 2 series with enhanced graphics, more dangerous enemies and more bonuses on offer. The achievements are also upgraded from the previous series, as new achievements like Destroyer (for killing more enemies), Persistent (achievement awarded for being patient enough to restart your levels), Impregnable (for completing levels with 100% health) etc. Also the levels are named as wastelands, Ruined City and Junkyards.

Car Eats Car Deluxe

The latest in the Car Eats Car Series, Car Eats Car Deluxe comes up with additional extended graphics with dangerous zombie cars that tend to destroy you no matter what kind of bonuses you use. So it is a little bit difficult, but more fun in this series, with a lot a tools and items to be found along the way to help in reaching the next level. There are also more achievements added/upgraded in this latest series like the Super Hero achievements for using super bonuses and the Magnat achievement for collecting more rubies along the way. Also, you can find a lot of golden gifts, nitro’s and bombs along the way to help stock up your arsenal to overcome the dreadful and evil cars. The key to survive is to collect all the rubies and cog wheels along the way, so that you can rev up your defense with more bombs, cool gadgets and decals. You can find the no. of rubies and cogwheels collected on the top left of your gaming screen.


The gameplay is pretty much easy and can be played using the following keys:

  • Up Arrow – Accelerate
  • Down Arrow – Brake
  • Left Arrow – Balance left
  • Right Arrow – Balance Right
  • Z – Activate Turbo
  • X – Activate Super Bonus

Note: You can also set to automatic activation of the bonus from your game settings, so that you don’t need to manually activate each and every bonus when found, but gets activated automatically. This is a very useful feature, as if you set to manual, chances are there that you will forget to activate the bonus during the heat of the game.


Best Free Zombie Games to Play Online

Who doesn’t love a good zombie game every once in a while? I mean you get to either play as a very cool looking zombie or you get to chop some zombies for some good old fashioned fun under the sun. Well not only are these addictive games, but they are also some of the best games around. Here are just a few of these great games that you can have all the fun in the world playing.

Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombies!
Okay, so what if you are a major fan of cricket, but you could never really think of an exciting way to play the game and have a little fun on the side. Well, look no further than Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombies! In this zombie games, you will have the ultimate chance to play your favorite game of cricket and also smash some zombie heads while you are at it. The more you smash the more points you will rack up for the ultimate cricket action, you won’t find anywhere else.

Snake Eats Zombies
So I’m sure everyone can remember the classic game of snake. Either you use to play it on the computer or you have played it on your mobile phone. Well what do you think would happen if you took that snake, loaded some guns on it, through it in an arena, and sent a bunch of zombies its way? Well, this is one of the funny games you could ever play and all that can be said is that the zombies are in for a real shock. Enjoy the thrills you will get, because the fun will never stop in these addicting games.

Ninjas and Zombies
Everyone likes ninjas and every likes zombies, so why can’t they all just get along? Well, it might be because the ninjas are throwing knives, swords, and even grenades at the zombies. But hey, when you get to play as a ninja fighting off a swarm of zombies, it is very hard to stop. This pulse pounding game is nothing but non-stop action as you rip through every zombie that shows its face.