Car Eats Car is not yet another ordinary car action game, but based on the rivalry between good and evil, yes good cars and bad cars. The objective of the game is to drive through the distance by overcoming all hardships and tackling all the bad cars that will look for all possible ways to destroy and stop your progress. You need to survive and reach to the end of the game to go to the next level. The Car Eats Car series started off slowly but quickly turned to be a favorite game for all kids who like to rash and dash with other cars and in the even fight all those evil.


All about Car Eats Car

You start the game by driving a small little red car through all the obstacles and zombie cars and find useful items and bonuses along the way like health bonus, turbo bonus, bombs, rubies and cog wheels to strengthen your arsenal to fight the bad and crazy cars. You can also jump over obstacles but if you turn the car upside down, then the game will end and you need to restart the level again. Most of the bad cars try to eat your car, so finding escape routes by using bombs and bonuses is the key for survival.

Car Eats Car 2 Mad Dreams

The next series is the Car Eats Car 2 series with enhanced graphics, more dangerous enemies and more bonuses on offer. The achievements are also upgraded from the previous series, as new achievements like Destroyer (for killing more enemies), Persistent (achievement awarded for being patient enough to restart your levels), Impregnable (for completing levels with 100% health) etc. Also the levels are named as wastelands, Ruined City and Junkyards.

Car Eats Car Deluxe

The latest in the Car Eats Car Series, Car Eats Car Deluxe comes up with additional extended graphics with dangerous zombie cars that tend to destroy you no matter what kind of bonuses you use. So it is a little bit difficult, but more fun in this series, with a lot a tools and items to be found along the way to help in reaching the next level. There are also more achievements added/upgraded in this latest series like the Super Hero achievements for using super bonuses and the Magnat achievement for collecting more rubies along the way. Also, you can find a lot of golden gifts, nitro’s and bombs along the way to help stock up your arsenal to overcome the dreadful and evil cars. The key to survive is to collect all the rubies and cog wheels along the way, so that you can rev up your defense with more bombs, cool gadgets and decals. You can find the no. of rubies and cogwheels collected on the top left of your gaming screen.


The gameplay is pretty much easy and can be played using the following keys:

  • Up Arrow – Accelerate
  • Down Arrow – Brake
  • Left Arrow – Balance left
  • Right Arrow – Balance Right
  • Z – Activate Turbo
  • X – Activate Super Bonus

Note: You can also set to automatic activation of the bonus from your game settings, so that you don’t need to manually activate each and every bonus when found, but gets activated automatically. This is a very useful feature, as if you set to manual, chances are there that you will forget to activate the bonus during the heat of the game.



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