As the first version of Cactus McCoy, Cactus McCoy 2 is also designed and developed by Flipline Studios. Same as the first version the characters, artwork, level and game design is made by Tony Solary. The programming, animation, sound are made by Matt Neff. The featuring title music is made by Dave Cowen. Additional music is made by Dan F., Wayne W., Patrick S. and Jeremy S.. The trademark for the name Cactus McCoy is owned by Flipline Studios and they have all the rights about the Cactus McCoy games. The new version was released in 6 October 2011.

New Features

In this second version of the game, there are 12 levels expanded in 12 expansive worlds. In Cactus McCoy 2 there are 15 new weapons and that makes them 75 different types of weapons. Because there are only 12 levels that needs to be completed, there are 5 challenges in 1 level and 5 treasures that needs to be discovered in 1 level. In first version there was only one boss (Hex Hatfield), but in the new version there are three bosses. First boss you will meet on 4th area and he is called Alpaca Jack. The second boss you will meet on 8th Area and he is called Dumbbell. The last boss you will meet at the final area and he is called Malana Mire.

Is there gonna be Cactus McCoy 3?

The answer is No. On interview made 4 years ago, they have said that they have plans to make Cactus McCoy 3 and it would take at least 5-6 months. After a year they have announced that they don’t have time to make new version of the game because they were overloaded with developing new games.


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